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Radio sab ka sath was started as a fun activity by some 3-4 blind individuals living in various cities of Pakistan, on may 19th 2010.

Soon, the fun activity has taken the shape of a serious platform, and with the people joining from different parts of world, it did not take long for this channel to become an inimitable source of information, awareness, entertainment and lots more.

Currently, sab ka sath has an amazing team of people from different countries, and also a magnificent listenership from more than 15 nations of the world.

While there are professional FM radio jockeys, software engineers, media persons and others in the working team, the listeners comes from various cities, countries, cultures, traditions, beliefs and attitudes.

Sab ka sath is proudly serving people from varying interests, and playing a vital role in thoughts intermingling and awareness dissemination.

Ali Khan Tareen

Station director  radio Sabkasath.